• 14-automotive-bonding
  • 10-equine-repair
  • 6-boat-repair
  • 11-multi-purpose-repair
  • 16-caravan-repair
  • 37-cow-block-adhesive

Bondtech Limited

Bondtech has achieved a reputation without equal amongst competitors our customers have come to expect the best in service and unparalleled value for money.
The supply of two component polyurethane adhesives for use in Automotive Repair, Equine Hoof Care, Bovine Block Bonding, Boat and Caravan Repair, Concrete Repair, Cyanoacrylate and Multi Repair for Industrial applications.
The Company strategy is very simple we will provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. It is popular for companies to charge the highest price for specialist repair products but we have removed the layers of profit taking from warehouses and distributors and allow you the opportunity to deal direct and enjoy an average saving of 40%.